by Novembervägen

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The first single of our album Destination.


I found your body lying in the living room
The emptiness in your eyes stabbed me, not a single thought came through

Shook your body called your name even though I knew that I was
to late to save you,
to pull you out to late to hold your hand

Oooh ooh

Closer now
Into your head out of my hands
Deeper now
Never will I be able let you go

In my arms and in my heart I felt how
You swilled me through

Not leaving one single atom untouched
Nor right side up

Panic spreading, lack of air
Cant you just open your eyes
Look at me and tell me one more time that it is not my fault

Closer closer now
Into your vains off of my hands
Deeper deeper now
Tell me how its.. tell me I could..

Wish I'd had a Minuit, 30 sec at least
To tell you how important you are
(to me)
To tell you that you're selfish, stupid and dont think
About all of us who will have to live in this
Why do you get to leave all that is behind
Why do you and why cant I
Have to keep on living, have to keep on and care
Wish I could just let go
Life is so unfair

Closer closer now


released January 26, 2015
Mixed and mastered by Adrian van den Broëck.



all rights reserved


Novembervägen Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden - Stockholm

Bass - Frida Lidgren
Drums - Samuel Klemetsson
Guitar - Jim Nurminen and Francisco Campos Riquelme.
Vocals - Gunn B. Gustavssson

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